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Looking-Glass Lantern

A Tapestry of Tales

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The debut album from Looking-Glass Lantern 'A Tapestry of Tales' was released (in download format only) in 2013. To mark the album's fifth anniversary in 2018, it was remastered and released on CD. Accompanying the CD is a twelve-page, full-colour booklet containing the lyrics. Further information about each track is available on the Looking-Glass Lantern website.

Track Information:
1 The Blue Carbuncle (12:48)
2 Six Pearls to Mary (5:41)
3 Two Solitary Men (4:21)
4 A Scandal in Bohemia (13:22)
5 Wisteria Lodge (1:40)
6 A Tapestry of Tales (9:38)

Total Playing Time 47:30

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