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Looking-Glass Lantern

Candlelight and Empire

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'... a masterful and hugely entertaining piece of musical storytelling.' (Progarchives review, December 2017)

'There are some sublime instrumental moments on this album...' (Progradar review, December 2017)

A progressive rock album telling the story of a day in the life of a Victorian middle-class household. The CD comes with a 16-page booklet containing a short story and complete song lyrics, illustrated throughout. There is also an accompanying Victorian-style 'Playbill' on the Candlelight and Empire page of the Looking-Glass Lantern website, giving detailed background information about all of the characters featured on the CD.

Track Information:
1 The Maid (2:02)
2 The Girl Nobody Knows (6:47)
3 The Cook (7:45)
4 The Governess and the Children (8:19)
5 The Angel of the Home (8:52)
6 The Husband (7:50)
7 An Evening Soiree (30:03)
8 The Maid (reprise) (2:09)

Total Playing Time 73:47

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